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Brett, Cairns QLD
I have known Paul Frost for several years and have used his services in several business matters, I cannot recommend his services more highly as his professional approach to dealing with all matters big and small is second to none. The matters he took on for me included extremely complex commercial and property law matters involving issues ranging from mining royalties to a complex family trust dispute. Paul will listen, advise, and offer whatever solution to your legal matter. He also has the ability to create a pathway to resolution for any matter thrown at him. He is upfront and works for his clients to get a result. He is not a typical lawyer who tells you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear. He also acts on my instructions very quickly. The letters he writes are awesome and really scary- I really wouldn’t want to be on the other side of one of them. If you need a lawyer, give Paul a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Darren, Yarrabah
I am a tribal elder of the Wanamara People of North Queensland and director of an Aboriginal Corporation. I have handled the native title affairs of my people for the past 20 years. About 5 years ago another lawyer recommended Paul Frost to me when I needed a lawyer to help me with a dispute over control of an aboriginal corporation. Since then, Paul has helped me and my people with several matters involving native title law and issues. This has included dealing with cultural heritage issues in relation to the CopperString electrification project and helping me with negotiations with mining companies over mining royalty rights for my people. I use Paul now for all native title matters and I know he is used by other native people in North Qld- he has also helped me out with personal legal issues. Paul is very approachable and always respectful of me, my people and our cultural heritage.

Mark, Cairns QLD
I was involved in a property dispute with my former partner who was trying to steal my business. I did not have any funds to pay a lawyer upfront and I was not long out of prison. I went to all the law firms in Cairns but no one would take on my matter. They said, my dispute was too complex, that I was not the type of client they wanted to represent and various other excuses. This didn’t seem to matter to Linstell Lawyers. Paul took on my matter without question. He truly cares for his clients. He cut through all the information swirling in my head to concentrate on the strategies I needed to win. Without his talented help I would have lost that business. I will be forever in his debt.

Clayton CJS, Cairns
I own a car and boat mechanical repair business. I have used lawyers many times in the past when I have had disputes with customers over repair disputes and unpaid work. They usually took weeks to get to the matter and charged me an arm and a leg when they did. About 4 years ago I discovered Paul Frost when I was in dispute with a national company supplier of goods. Paul immediately took action and had the legal proceedings against me dismissed. Since then I have referred several matters to him both business and personal including employment law matters and he has dealt with all of them quickly and efficiently. I have been surprised that his invoices are quite reasonable. I will never use any other solicitor again.

John and Sally North QLD
We have been cattle farmers for more than 40 years owning our own cattle farms in North QLD. We became involved in a complex commercial dispute with a company after we had been forced to refinance our farms. We would have had to declare bankruptcy if we lost and we would have lost our farms. Paul Frost was extremely knowledgeable and helped us at every step of the process explaining every step in the litigation. He came up with just the right strategy to help us. We have used other lawyers in the past but can say we have learned more about civil law and procedure from Paul than all the other lawyers we have used in the past 30 years combined. It was through Paul’s efforts in obtaining security for costs that we were able to battle the other side to a complete standstill.

Peter C, Cairns QLD
I bought a warehouse in Cairns and the seller failed in the sale invoice to specify whether GST was included. She was also not registered for GST purposes. Both my accountant and I failed to pick up on the point. Paul Frost gave me detailed written advice about my entitlements which my accountant was able to use to submit to the ATO in support of my claim for a $50,000 credit. His advice was very detailed, quickly delivered and underpinned my successful claim. He was also very easy to deal with, personable and at the same time highly competent.

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